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Axioms EP

by blurrybynature

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Tristan Darkly atmospheric metalcore, which never allows the audience to become too comfortable; rather it revels in the avalanche of ideas it has to offer, wholeheartedly embracing the unexpected and demanding your full attention from start to finish. Favorite track: Polarities.
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches)
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) thumbnail
flightoficarus (Metal Trenches) Progressive and strangley experimental metalcore that defies description. Whatever you call it, it is certainly one of the more unique takes I have heard on the genre.
- Metaltrenches.com Favorite track: Evolve//Despair.
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Skin Deep 03:00
SKIN DEEP Live to serve false axioms And manufactured gods Steer clear of the mirrors Lest they should fail to hide our faults Externalized reality; this is all we need We are drowning In our own skin Betrayed from the outside in We are falling headfirst Into a skin deep society Don't think, just speak Don't live, just breathe No love, no pain She lies next to me, but I can't feel Anything
Ink 02:51
INK Drown me in your sweet midnight ink Swallow my soul just for a moment Show me the end I feel the universe inside my chest Echoes of the emptiness I found in life Company nor substance could heal this state of mind; Counting down my life Miles from your embrace And still I long for the nothing Careless, infinite Midnight my love, won't you Drown me in your midnight ink Peace is in your arms Hold me in your blackened heart Never wake me up Drown me in your liquid arms Never wake me up
EVOLVE//DESPAIR Are you satisfied? Incoherent hive mind Speak your mind, but mind your speech Your soul lives in the thoughts you keep to yourself None for one and one for all, Collective consciousness will fall Leaving only the bones of yesterday In reticence, you will not go wanting In solitude, you are not alone In silence, you will find strength Through introspection, Evolve or Despair Mourn for those who knew you yesterday, For you have grown; you have changed And they remain victimized by the ones they rely on Never satisfied
Lacunae 01:22
LACUNAE [instrumental]
THE CONCEPT OF TOMORROW Maybe someday, I'll find the words Maybe I'll taste them as I choke And maybe I'll find the heart to bare my soul Just as it leaves this world I'm fading I am Frozen in Time Sentient still life I am Creative thought Dried up in the sun Eyes half closed High on Hope Someday, I'll find purpose in life One day, I'll see paths before me I'm paralyzed Myopic lies cut me up Maybe I'll never find the words Maybe I haven't the heart But maybe tomorrow, I'll come to life Tomorrow, I will thrive
Polarities 06:15
POLARITIES I will try to hide this But the sweetest lies linger on my lips And I'm not sure of everything I know If I share this weight, will it pain or enlighten you? Don't tell me to let go 'Cause I'm not the one who keeps holding on To this deadweight It's become part of me I told you it's for the best that you stay out of my head But still you listened to every word that I never even said And my heart may falter, but it tells no lies So be careful not to look too deeply into my eyes 'Cause they reflect oh, so clearly what I lock inside my mind When the deadweight falls, and shadows crawl Will I drive you away with these polarities? I'll carry you on wings of lead Safely up and over this hell I've created Painting midnight in my head Will I drive you away with these polarities? I'll carry you on wings of lead Will you see through this insanity? As I paint it midnight in my head I won't live to see the day When all hell fades Slave to these polarities Forever sinking in the day One thousand miles above this hell I've created But on these wings of lead, I can't maintain...


Blending serene, ambient soundscapes with violent progressive riffs and breakdowns, Axioms EP seeks to explore and embody the stark emotional polarities found in life.

Inspired by many but imitating none, the independently-produced Axioms EP represents the first instalment of what promises to be a diverse, extensive and creative musical offering.


released October 1, 2017

Music, lyrics and artwork by blurrybynature
Produced, mixed and mastered by blurrybynature.


all rights reserved



blurrybynature Myrtleford, Australia

still here

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