eclexia EP

by blurrybynature

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p r a i s e p a i n.


released March 1, 2019


all rights reserved




p r a i s e p a i n.

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Track Name: Phosphor

You will not forget me.
The light burns bright while I'm on your mind,
And as long as I'm sending you blind
You will not forget me
You exist to serve me,
Fuel me
Feel me
Bathe in my light as I prey on your mind
Bathe until you're filthy,
And I gleam.

A shard of phosphor straight to the heart,
And you've forgotten who you are
A figment of your dead ambitions
You are fact, fading to fiction
Travesty of the highest order
And of your former self
Backbone of water
You're a pathetic excuse for a human being,
And I owe you everything.

You will not forget me.

Raise me up with your apathy
You've become terrified of your daydream
"Here, have some more of the remedy"
Drink it up 'til you drown
Persevere with that frown you cling to...
Or is it your frown that clings to you?
I pray that you never come to
Kick your feet up, don't you know it's time to

Does it kill you to know I'm just like you?
You could have everything you wanted to,
If only you could separate
Yourself from this inertia that
Holds you dead still

Drowning in filth.
Track Name: Glade

Sometimes, I want to throw it all away
Vanish into the Glade
Am I better off this way?
Am I going sane?
'Cause with these concrete walls, scraping skies so grey
No, I can't breathe
And I can't stay

'Cause all I feel is everything

The shade without has bled within

Opportunistic, animal instinct
Got a grip on the masses, can't fathom
Repercussions of actions,
No empathy or compassion
Grasping with both hands
Integrity never stood a chance
You won't last
Hold your breath as you slip through the cracks

I can feel it all
This world, so bright, and so loud

I can feel it all
As I fall through the cracks in my soul...

I won't let this go.

Throw it away, love
Come and find me in the Glade
Where our souls can heal
And our bodies; this flesh, these bones, decay.
Track Name: Soul

Abandon this flesh
These bones, my heart, my home.

I'll find you again when I'm reduced to nothing;
Finally a better man.

Where is my soul?
Where is my soul?

You were my world.

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